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BCG Matrix Analysis

Boston Consulting Group Four SBU’s

Stars: High industry growing rate and high relative market share. According to pay me to do your homework experts all Products selling well in international market. Great opportunities in future. Business expands all over the world rapidly.

Question Marks: High industry growth rate and low relative market share. Business increasing stage, market share lower. Need more investment or close this business and capital invest in dogs (frappachinos).

Cash Cows: Low industry growth rate and high relative market share. Doing well in market but no growth since some years. Looking for investment opportunities in market.

Dogs: Low industry growth rate and low relative market share. Last stage of product life cycle. May be the business diminishes early or stop. Need new investment or product development.

Competitive Advantage Product differentiation Product differentiation is also identified solely as differentiation. It is the development of individual a product or offering from others, to sort it handier for a specific target market. Starbucks following product differentiation strategy and it’s their competitive advantage. According to find test answers online experts starbucks coffee taste and beans are different so people like this more.

Cost Leadership Cost leadership is a thought established by Michael Porter, used in business policy. It defines a way to create the competitive advantage. Cost leadership, in elementary words, means the lowermost cost of process in the industry. The cost leadership is frequently driven by establishment productivity, size, scale, opportunity and cumulative understanding. Starbucks focusing on cost leadership and gain more profits from market.

Direct Competition and Economical Recession   Developmental Policies and strategies INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPING: Without developing infrastructure and technological tools, no rapid growth ensure in countries GDP.

Transport and Waterways development Inland ports establishment: establish river ports Railways spreading allover region: increase the length of rail track National highway for other countries business with home countries: increase highways Regional highway creating Execution Initiative as like: Transportation Port facilities developing Highway and railway and airway and water way FACILITATES EXPORT EARNINGS: Export earnings always crucial for economical equilibrium and financial improvement for economy.


Strategic development as like planned work Minimizing product diversifications Import and Export balancing Huge flow of FDI will play an significant role for the long run business Grab investment opportunities in other economy with easier policy and try to make everything or maximum in home countries. ESTABLISHED TOURISM FACILITIES: Change substructure, highlights significant and places overview, make easier policy and attract tourists for visiting countries, identifying important places also needs to ensure security and facilities.

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