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Taste Notes: Honeysuckle, Jasmine and Citrus


Best suited for Filter and Espresso based drinks.


Origin: Peru

Producer: Consuelo Rubio Perala

Region: Jaen, Cajamarca

Variety: Catimor, Tabi, Bourbon, Caturra

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1760 MASL


The finca is named after Consuelos birthplace, Caserío San Francisco, where she was born on the 1st June of 1964. Before her husband passed away in 2016 they worked together on the finca for several years. To support the family business, Blanca Flor, one of Consuelo’s five daughters, returned from her studies in the city of Lima. She started taking courses on coffee quality and put it into practice on the farm. In 2017, the family became part of Volcafe Way and has since focused on productivity, cost reduction and quality improvement, thus improving the family business. Today, the next generation of the family, Richard, Blanca Flor and Roxana, work on the farm with Doña Consuelo, who continues the efforts and passion for coffee and represents the fourth generation of coffee farmers.


The farm follows good agricultural practices and grows crops that help conserve water sources and prevent erosion. The farm also uses an Ecomill: an organic mill that develops 3 processes. It has horizontal pulping technology and a screen that separates the undissolved from the dissolved fibres. The mucilage is then removed mechanically with water so that the coffee is ready for the drying process. The machine has an integrated water meter that displays the volume of water used in the process in cubic metres.

Finca San Francisco, Peru



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