A Mettricks Introduction to Speciality Coffee

There’s a whole journey your coffee has taken before it reaches your cup for that high-quality brew you blissfully sip in the mornings. ‘Speciality coffee’ refers to coffee of the highest quality possible, from the coffee cherry all the way to brewing standards established by the Speciality Coffee Association.

What is the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA)?

The SCA represents thousands of coffee professionals, from producers, baristas and everyone in between who work together from across the globe with the goal of making the coffee industry ethical and sustainable through partnerships, education, research and advocacy.

What are SCA Standards?

To get the most from these lovingly grown coffee beans, SCA coffee standards are used to measure quality of coffee which ensures excellence through an intricate scoring system. For a coffee to qualify as ‘speciality’ it must score over 80 points on a 100 point scale by an SCA qualified coffee taster. These points are elected through visual inspection and cupping which identifies attributes like acidity, aroma, flavour and body.

Once a coffee scores over 80, it’s passed onto roasters and baristas alike who work hard to bring out the best of the beans!

So why do we care so much?

The Mettricks mission since 2013 has always been to bring better coffee to Southampton and we pride ourselves in stirring up excitement within our passionate baristas. Through extensive training for our teams, delivered by our brilliant Head Baristas, we create a high standard of knowledge and capability throughout our teams, allowing them to serve up the best cup possible.

Our wonderful Head of Coffee, Lewis, explains “speciality coffee is important because it empowers farmers and producers, which leads to sustainability and quality for everyone involved. It is more important in today's society that all farmers and producers are paid correctly and treated fairly. By building these relationships you will always be confident in the product sent to roasters, which leads to happy consumers.”

We’d love for you to come and enjoy a cup of truly speciality coffee with us at one of our living rooms! Find us at Mettricks Guildhall, Woolston or our brand new site in Portswood.

By Kate Jeffcoate

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