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Mettricks Coffee Roasters.

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Bringing Better Coffee to Southampton since 2013 - Roasting since 2022.

We have been serving Better Coffee in our coffee houses across Southampton in our iconic yellow cups since 2013. Now, in 2022 we are roasting our very own coffee, right here in the city at Mettricks Portswood.

Our Story

We opened our very first coffee shop in Southampton at old town in 2013 after being frustrated with the lack of good quality coffee in Southampton, making us the cities first independent, speciality coffee company and marking the arrival of Better Coffee.

Over the past 9 years that mission has stayed the same - Serving great tasting coffee across the city seven days a week, encouraging experimentation and a constant desire to learn in an accessible, none preachy way. 

Now, pretty much exactly 9 years later we served that very first coffee in old town, we are roasting our very own house roast aptly named 'Bargate Roast' in our coffee houses at Guildhall, Woolston & Portswood.

In 2021, we announced our plan to start roasting and asked for your support to raise the funds we needed to buy our roaster. We had an overwhelming response from so many of you which meant that we were able to secure the purchase of our new roaster and bring it home to Southampton earlier this year.

Thank you to everyone that pledged to help us take this incredibly exciting next step! If you are waiting upon any rewards for your pledge, please get in contact with

Our original plan was to start roasting earlier this year however, due to unforseen installation issues with gas beyond our control we had to delay the start of our roasting but alas, we are now ready to go with the launch of our house 'Bargate Roast' - Serving from September 30th.

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